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Home Care should not be a Hardship

Becoming a home care assistant in Suffolk was one of the greatest experiences of my time in care. It allowed me to see the importance of care being delivered at home and the impact that this can have.

Having care delivered at home can be the difference between

  • a couple that have not had a day apart in 60 years staying together and still not missing a day with their best friend
  • or after 60 years together being separated as one of you become more and more vulnerable. The one person you want to see is restricted to visiting hours at the care home

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Sam’s Story

People often ask me, “why do you do this?” or “how did you get started in the care industry”, or the classic question “did you always want to work in care?”. I grapple with finding answers to these questions. At a young age I found myself stumbling into the industry, similarly to how I stumble with the answers to these questions. When I was at school I didn’t really know what I wanted to do, but I did know I wanted to help people.

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Back when I had a pudding bowl haircut

Back when I had a pudding bowl haircut, I never imagined that I would work in healthcare. (If you had a pudding bowl haircut, what did you want to be when you grew up? And I’m expecting to see #backwhenIhadaPudBowl trending on social media)

I thought about joining the police, or becoming an an electrician like my dad. But through all my options, I certainly never considered healthcare; I don’t like blood or needles for a start!

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Who are Ocala Healthcare?

Welcome to Ocala healthcare! Now read that again and imagine that John Hammond from Jurassic park was saying it and imagine those big wooden doors are opening… still with me? excellent!

I have created this little post so that those of you following us wondering what in the world does Ocala mean? What does it hope to achieve? and How can we help? can gain some answers!

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How does GDPR affect the care industry?

Care providers across the UK handle the most sensitive data about people from residents to employees. The GDPR is going to bring much greater scrutiny upon care providers whom are already pushed to the very limit both financially and with time management.

Under the GDPR, much of the data being stored and processed by care providers will be classed as Special Category High Risk Data, this means all data relating to;

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Your guide to keeping warm this winter

It’s that time of the year where we all need to wrap up warm and stay cosy, and for some of us, with this comes the added concerns of making sure your loved ones stay warm too.

What we had hoped would be a white Christmas is now more of a sludgy one, but either way, it is certainly going to be cold this winter.

To help alleviate your concerns and plan for the winter weather, we’ve scoured the web to find the best advice for keeping you and yours warm this December.
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