Say hello to our new Care Consultant!

Last month, the search started for a new care consultant to help support our care team and clients to continue to deliver outstanding service. We met 5 very competent people, but one person really epitomized the values, drive, and ambition of Ocala Healthcare.

Her name is Hayley Matthews, she has 8 years’ experience in the care sector ranging from mental health, elderly care & young people and most recently she was a registered manager at an extra care scheme for a large housing association.

From Hayley’s previous experience she understands the demand and stress on managers and their teams in care services in this time of need when they have staffing issue’s. Hayley is excited to get on with taking most (if not all!) of that stress away, and the prospect of doing so already fills her with so much job satisfaction.

Whilst working to ensure that care providers are supported, Hayley feels equally strong about providing person centered care, it is important to Hayley that the residents that our team ultimately care for are at the forefront of everything. Taking the time to have chats and learn more about an individual really does go a long way.

When asked about why she got into social care, Hayley said: “I have always known that I would work within health and social care settings growing up, but I never imagined reaching dreams like I have. In 2017 I completed a Level 5 in health and social care leadership in management, followed by Level 3 diploma in counselling and psychology at the open university – I love learning and sharing my knowledge. I truly believe that caring comes from the heart and it is not something that can be ‘learnt’. Ocala have come so far in the last 3 years; I can’t wait to see where we go in the next 3 years.”

Hayley’s Fun Fact: “I don’t do things by half – I got engaged and married within 12weeks then 2 days after my wedding I moved 200miles to Suffolk from the west midlands, what’s the point in waiting around, when you can be loving life?”

Hayley is very eager to get started on our mission to be the catalyst for change in agency care – We cannot wait for the exciting times ahead.

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