Ocala Healthcares Mission

Since launching Ocala Healthcare, we have always known that we wanted to deliver the very best agency care services around, and for care workers to experience employment that valued and appreciated them for the care they give everyday. What hasn’t always been obvious is how we would achieve this and what the vision looked like in reality.

We have kept it pretty simple as a small business;

  • Be transparent
  • Be honest
  • Be consistent
  • Communicate effectively
  • Try to use the business as a tool to enhance peoples lives

Sam and I started Ocala Healthcare because we knew care providers needed better support to face the growing challenges that Social Care continues to face. Although we didnt have all the answers (and still do not!!) It was obvious that we would have no impact at all unless we did it ourselves.

The cliche is that you learn something new everyday, and that is certainly true for us in Ocala Healthcare. We are constantly working to improve our services, and with every bit of feedback we learn a small tweak that can be made to deliver continually better services.

Our vision has become clearer and clearer the more we work, to be an effective partner for social care providers and to make care employment the emotionally, financially, and spiritually rewarding role that it should be!

To this end, everyone at Ocala Healthcare is on a mission! That mission is to be the catalyst for change in agency care. To set new standards of reliabilty, quality of care, and putting people first!

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