Who are Ocala Healthcare 3 years on?

It seems a very long time ago now that Sam and I sat on my sofa in my one bedroom flat in Ipswich, talking about what we found to be so frustrating about agency care. The lack of transparency, the lack of value for care staff and the constant push to make more and more money for bloated CEO’s.

We started talking about what we would do differently if we ran the business. How carers are at the centre of delivering outstanding care and that 99% of people want to deliver the best care. But they get alienated, by being treated like a number and paid wages that force them to work upwards of 55 hours a week, instead of being with their families.

Having worked as an agency carer over the years, I know the frustrations that care managers and care providers have. Wondering if the agency staff will turn up today, or if they will be competent enough to be trusted to look after their residents. Sam and I spoke about holding ourselves and our team to the very highest level of accountability and to deliver a service that set a new standard for agency care.

Little did we know during our little rant that we were taking our first steps to at least attempting to change agency care for the better.

Three years later, Ocala Healthcare is about more than me and Sam. We are a family of more than 35 who have supported homes across Suffolk during a global pandemic and been fortunate enough to continue working at this difficult time.

During the past three years, we have held summer afternoon tea, Christmas parties, coffee mornings, business input meetings and of course… the hectic zoom meetings!

We have had so much fun as a team, but we have also made a real difference! We have not just covered shifts for care homes, we have helped enhance the care that they deliver to their residents. Our care team are so passionate about the residents that they care for, that they inspire me daily to do better.

So, who are Ocala Healthcare 3 years on?

We are a team of like-minded people that are working to change our little piece of the world. To change agency care for the better forever and dedicated to helping care providers to deliver outstanding care to their residents, whilst enhancing the lives of carers.

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