5 of the best things about being an agency carer

I worked as an agency carer for 3 years before starting Ocala Healthcare, and it was the best job I have ever done! There’s loads of reasons why I enjoyed being a carer, including…

1. Flexibility

I could pick and choose my hours! (to a certain extent!). In the winters I liked working the long days to save up for Christmas, and in the summer I worked the early shifts so I could enjoy the afternoon in a beer garden! I could also choose to have my weekends off, and was able to be super flexible for events, holidays and family stuff. It’s a fantastic role to achieve a great work/life balance.

2. Everyday is different

I worked within many different services, from residential to nursing care and supported living, to caring for people in their own homes. Everyday was different and getting to care for lots of different people really made me feel I was having a positive impact every week.

Fi watering the garden - Edited

3. Choice, choice, choice 

Unlike in most jobs, you get to choose almost everything about your upcoming working day or week. You can basically cherry pick what times and days you work, as well as who and where you do and don’t want to go. You can also make choices that allow for the utmost convenience, such as deciding to only work within certain distances from home.

4. Part time/full time/no time

I always wanted to work 40-50 hours a week, and if I didn’t get that, I would be straight onto the phone to the agency! But you can work part time or full time, and if you want a bed week, you can. You can also pick up extra hours around your schedule to save up for that extra special Christmas present, or next years summer holiday…

5. Unexpected opportunities…

Without being an agency care worker, I would not have fallen into the recruitment side of things. I have colleagues from my agency care days who are now senior care workers, nurses, social workers and care managers. There is so much opportunity in agency care that doesn’t seem obvious, but the variety of experience you gain can really set you up for success!

This is my top 5, what are yours?

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