Ocala Healthcare wins Business Growth Award!

We had a fantastic night at the Stars of Babergh and Mid Suffolk Awards – not only was it a incredible evening full of great people, we also left with the Business Growth Award!

This is such an honour, and an amazing achievement for us – especially as we’re only now coming up for our first birthday. A year ago, if you’d told us we’d even be shortlisted for an award we probably wouldn’t have believed you! 

Babergh District Council’s cabinet member for communities Margaret Maybury summed it up when she said “The look on people’s faces last night when they received their awards made the event and I’m sure that the happiness and memories will resonate long after the music and lights went down.”

Adam and Sam

As a company, we’ve had a great first year in business. As you can imagine, there’s ups and downs and it is hard work, but it is so rewarding – we’re loving every minute. We’re looking forward to seeing what the next year brings – hopefully we;ll be attending the ceremony again next year!

We had an amazing evening. The venue looked incredible, and it was great fun to share dinner, drinks, and chat with people from our local community.

Thank you so much to the panel for not only shortlisting us, but also for choosing us as the overall winners! And a big thank you to everyone who continues to support our journey.

Now to find somewhere to display our trophy…🏆


You can see the other finalists and winners here.

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