Who are Ocala Healthcare?

Welcome to Ocala healthcare! Now read that again and imagine that John Hammond from Jurassic park was saying it and imagine those big wooden doors are opening… still with me? excellent!

I have created this little post so that those of you following us wondering what in the world does Ocala mean? What does it hope to achieve? and How can we help? can gain some answers!

The Name

We sat and pondered on the name for what seemed an age, slowly but surely coming up with more and more crazy names! We decided that Meatloaf Healthcare just didn’t have the ring to it we wanted!

Whilst travelling in the US we stayed in a small town called Ocala. This was a small town (that had some great ribs!). There was such an inclusive and caring for your fellow man vibe in that town that whilst we only stayed for 2 days, we absolutely loved it!

We want to bring that piece of Ocala to Suffolk and Norfolk!

Adam Sam Ocala.jpg

What do we hope to achieve?

Ocala Healthcare has been built on the idea that there is so much more that can be done to ease the pressure being applied to care providers and care workers.

Recruitment in the healthcare industry is challenging for all and a huge financial burden on care providers who continue to have their budget squeezed by an ever more vulnerable economy.

We want to alleviate that pressure by providing a consistent, quality and cost effective service. Saving not only money but management and admin staff’s time.

Myself and Sam have worked in the care industry in Suffolk for a combined 18 years, both of us started as care assistants. This is one of the roles that we are passionate about and we want to be that agency that we wish we had the option to work for.

In short, what we want to achieve is providing a more robust healthcare recruitment service, where providers know they are getting an exceptionally trained member of staff who is reliable and a service they can count on. Whilst giving care workers and nurses a great place to work, that understands the challenges of the role and being an agency worker.

How can you help?


Let your friends and family know what we are trying to achieve, not only for care providers but for care workers. Many of you will know people that work in care, many of those people you know will know people who work in care! So share any content you find interesting, let your friends know we are here.

So do not wait! Share now 😊

Check our website to find out more https://ocalahealthcare.co.uk/


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